The sacred use of teacher plants

Submitted by a successful spiritual teacher

I grew up in a very conservative East Indian household with old fashioned values where any form of illegal drug was so taboo. I took on that belief system and led most of my life absolutely clean ,not even drinking any form of alcohol. My first introduction to any form of psychedelic was in my early thirties where I was on a trip to Ireland and was initiated into the sacred use of such substances my a local wisdom keeper. As I had many years of personal development and meditative experiences behind me,and was very reluctant and not trusting of what I was getting into. My leap of trying it out was spurned on by the trust I had in my mentor who was also part of the journey and was going to be there to help hold a positive space and good intension.

My first experience was with Ecstasy and to my utter surprise I was blown away by the depth and quality of the spiritual experience I had. All that I had learned from my meditative practices was immediately expanded and it was like ancient wisdom was pouring into me. It was so profound that the experience opened me up to realize that all I had learned about these substances was coming from a very skewed perspective.

I was in a very safe environment which was overlooked by a trained fellow who helped hold a positive space. After about 30 minutes after ingestion I felt a warm feeling coming over me. This feeling intensified and then it felt literally like my heart was opening and that I had a love for everyone around me and then I felt that love expand to include larger and larger circles. Ultimately I felt a real love for everyone, including everyone in history, present time and those yet to come. I felt my heart open even to historically terrible people like Hitler and other dictators. I saw that all of our problems stem for losing connection with our innate humanity and that we settle for less than real relating and then seek superficial substitutes to make things feel better temporarily. Then a powerful embracing of my own weaknesses and negative habits became very clear. Rather than becoming clouded, I became very aware of my own shortcomings in loving friends and family and even myself. I realized that I had to love my own shames and dark parts to be able to really let my own humanity out from a cage and let it spread to those I care about most. I found a new love of myself and a healing of my shame around my body and sexuality. I came away from this experience with a new found hope for our human condition and with some real tools in relating with others at a higher level than ever before.

My next experience was with Magic Mushrooms(Psilocybin) in an ancient old Oak Forrest with a group of spiritual aspirants. This experience was vast in it`s scope of teaching and gave me years of positive insights into life and the bigger picture. It`s such a personal organic experience that words fall flat yet my heart was moved to be of greater service to my fellow man and environment. This experience was more “organic” in experience than with Ecstasy. I experienced a profound connection with “Mother Nature” and felt a part of the biosphere rater than someone who was using the “earth”

This was my first breakthrough in reverence for the environment.Before this I though recycling and such was a good idea but was very removed from actually doing anything about it. After this Mushroom experience, I started recycling and feeling very connected to the environment and my role and responsibility in keeping our Earth in a good way. I connected with animals,plants,insects and forces like the wind and water and it felt like I was one with them and part of the overall plan and that even though I was just one person,I was important in the scheme of things

After that,I went into exhaustive study to learn the ways of medicine shamanism which use sacred plants as forms of Divine upliftment,healing and self empowerment. I now have taken groups into the heart of the Amazon to experience Ayahuasca which is considered a Master Teacher by most tribes of the Amazon.

I later came to experience Marijuana through a spiritual teacher who used it when he was teaching. Now this was something new to me even again. I had reservations especially about Marijuana as I had ideas that “pot” smokers where lazy,drop out,go no where people. Well was I in for a surprise. I found that my senses where heightened,my food tasted better,my thinking processes where accelerated also discovered to my surprise that my physical strength and lung capacity increased. As a 30 year veteran of martial arts I found that training with cannabis allowed me to have quicker reflexes, less injuries and I was more relaxed, and that my timing improved. Also my conditioning increased as I was able to recover faster and had overall less strains and pulls.

My ability to do business has also been improved directly from Cannabis use. I`m able to juggle many projects with more fluidity in presence,have a calmer approach to occasional business fires and am able to get more tasks accomplished with much less stress. My ability to create audio programs has improved as Cannabis ramps up my verbal processing centers and im overall more relaxed and attentive.

My opinion is that these substances with proper preparation,positive intent,experienced guidance can support one to progress fruitfully in many was. As a businessman my business has grown and I have not become an addict or vagabond and am a joyous contributor to my community and society. As a father and family man,my compassion,clarity and love has been certainly expanded by my sacred use of “teacher” plants.

My experience informs me that if one is a fool before so called “drugs”, then one will be even more foolish. Yet when one goes in with clear intent, open heart and mindfulness, then one`s innate talents, strengths come to the fore and one`s weaknesses and psychological shadows have an opportunity to be seen with clarity for the sake of integrating lost potentials.