LSD experiences

Submitted by a teacher

I am writing this in relation to the benefits gained from having several LSD experiences within a particular period of my life.

During my teenage years I became very withdrawn and disconnected from my family. As a result of this, at a time when many teenagers are building their identity I felt that I was losing what identity I did have. I was very susceptible to outside influences and somewhat lost. I experimented with alcohol and drugs and in amongst this teenage experimentation I took LSD at a party at the age of 17. I was completely blown away by the sheer “otherness” of the experience – having thoughts and feelings that my 17 year old self was unable to fully take on board. The experience was pleasant and I had a great laugh with the friends that I was with, yet I was left with a feeling that a door had opened to something more. I continued to experiment with several other drugs and also took LSD a couple more times – each time I was left with feelings that I couldn’t quite bring back to “real life”.

When I was 20 and at university I took LSD again with two slightly older friends. We joked around and laughed a lot in the early stages of the experience but I noticed as the trip began to peak these friends went off into their own worlds a little more. We then listened to a lot of music and mostly just sat still, occasionally someone would get up and change the record or make a cup of tea and sometimes we would share what we were thinking but mostly we just gave each other the space to “be”. This in itself was something of a revelation – I had not grown up in a family or had friends where anybody was just allowed to “be”. Normally I would be scared by a situation where people were not fighting for space but this was different. For the first time since I was a young boy I felt completely in the moment. Within my thinking I was then powerfully struck by all manner of thoughts and revelations about my own life as it had been but also how I wanted it to be. I was able to accept that I was the controller of my own life and destiny and realized it was time to stop feeling a victim so much. After much introspection I also focused outward and became very conscious of the sheer vastness of the world and the universe. I had a limited life experience and a very small world view, the thoughts and experiences on this LSD trip awakened some deep yearning for more - to see more, do more and be more than I had previously dreamed possible.

I took LSD maybe 6 or 7 times more with one or the other of these friends and also a few times on my own. Whereas not every time was “deep and meaningful” and nor did I necessarily need it to be, during these trips I built further on the thoughts and feelings I had experienced during the time previously mentioned. When taking the drug on my own I really established a sense of who I was and who I wanted to be at that time in my life. I felt that the LSD had liberated me from many of the pre-conditioned thought processes and mental traps that I was in and it opened up an enormous sense of possibility. For the first time in my life I saw that life was really something to fully experience and that having many different experiences would be the key to fulfilling something deep within myself. I was able to bring all these thoughts back to my daily life and affect some real changes shifting to a more positive outlook overall.

Shortly after these LSD trips I met a girlfriend. We had a truly magical time together, and I continued to seek new experiences and really be in the moment. From my side our love was able to grow and flourish partly due to the new sense of excitement and openness I felt about the world at this time in my life. We took LSD together several times and taking the drug with her added a whole new dimension of fun and closeness to the experience. The wonderful times that we had in this period of our lives created a solid bond and foundation for our relationship to grow from. We have been together ever since and still aim to always share in a sense of fun and closeness through new experiences together.

Since that period of my life I have only taken LSD once. It was equally enjoyable and still offered new insights into myself although less profoundly so than previously. I cannot underestimate the long-term benefits that I believe I have received from taking LSD. The drug helped affect a change of course for my life and has influenced the way I am open minded to new ideas, seek new stimulating experiences and be in the moment as much as possible.