How to Contribute

The aim of this site is to change the way that the public, the media and politicians view the use of recreational drugs. If you have had one or more positive experiences using ‘recreational drugs’ you can make a contribution. You can contact the author of the site directly to find out how to do this (see below).

If you read some of the accounts on the site you will see what is required. Indeed if you have a favourite or two have a careful look to see how the person writing the account has been able to explain both the context of when the drug was taken and the effect that the experience had on their life. These are the two key facets of the accounts that are required for the project. At present there are only accounts relating to five drugs, highlighted on the Home page. This reflects the drugs involved in the first set out acounts received for this website. However accounts can be related to any of the poular recreational drugs, just specify which one in your contribution.

You can make your contribution anonymously or not, but either way it is important that you complete a questionnaire as well as writing an account. You can either have a contribution pack sent to your home address together with a USB drive that you send back, or you can receive the information by email and send your contribution by email. Either way the first step is to write to the author requesting the information to be sent to you. The author can be contacted by email at

The questionnaire that everyone completes provides information on which age and income bands you are in, a description of your occupation, the names of the files that you are submitting to the site and a few questions on the drugs that you have used in your life. If you make a submission by email then it is, in principle, traceable by the authorities. If you submit a contribution by USB drive it is untraceable.

Contributions should be between 500 and 1500 words long (though you will notice a few already on the site that are outside these limits). Aim to make the account comprehendible by someone who has not taken drugs because it is important that such people are able to understand the experiences reported here. There is more information on how to do this in the contribution pack.

Everyone who contributes to this project is also asked to explain, as far as they are aware, what it was that contributed to them having a positive experience from using drugs. Sometimes this is quite explicit, sometimes it is accidental. But it would be useful to have the conditions set out so that other people who might want to generate positive experiences can have a good idea how to do so. You can read a summary of the conditions that other people have mentioned here.