The sacred use of teacher plants

Submitted by a successful spiritual teacher

I grew up in a very conservative East Indian household with old fashioned values where any form of illegal drug was so taboo. I took on that belief system and led most of my life absolutely clean ,not even drinking any form of alcohol. My first introduction to any form of psychedelic was in my early thirties where I was on a trip to Ireland and was initiated into the sacred use of such substances my a local wisdom keeper. As I had many years of personal development and meditative experiences behind me,and was very reluctant and not trusting of what I was getting into.

Giving up cigarettes - and finding myself

Submitted by a provider of personal development courses

There was a period of time in my late teens when I first began to experiment with drugs. I was deeply unhappy, lost, and from what I now understand friendship to be, friendless, a desperately introverted and hopeless virgin. Parents had just broken up, schoolwork down the pan thoroughly enough that in 2 years I went from being a high achiever at O-levels to doing pretty badly at A-levels.

Recovering My Childhood

Submitted by a professional researcher

The positive drug experiences I want to describe happened to me about 30 years ago when I was in my mid-thirties. They completely transformed my life, which is why I have chosen to use them as examples for this project.

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