Wow! Ecstasy

Submitted by a married teacher

As a teenager I experimented with cannabis, amphetamines and LSD, but it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I took my first ecstasy pill. At the time it was still new on the scene and there was a buzz of excitement around this new drug. People were saying all sorts of amazing things about it and me and my friends just had to try one, and it wasn’t long before we all did.

A recovery story

Submitted by a teacher

The year 2005 was one of the worst of my life. Annus horribulis doesn’t even come close. It is hard to know where to begin because so many threads in my life just disintegrated.

The sacred use of teacher plants

Submitted by a successful spiritual teacher

I grew up in a very conservative East Indian household with old fashioned values where any form of illegal drug was so taboo. I took on that belief system and led most of my life absolutely clean ,not even drinking any form of alcohol. My first introduction to any form of psychedelic was in my early thirties where I was on a trip to Ireland and was initiated into the sacred use of such substances my a local wisdom keeper. As I had many years of personal development and meditative experiences behind me,and was very reluctant and not trusting of what I was getting into.

One Love

Submitted by a manager at an arts centre

This period in my life coincided with the emergence of the dance music scene. My then-boyfriend was a DJ and so at weekends we went to the underground nightclubs and illegal parties where we could hear the music we liked instead of the chart pap that was played elsewhere at the time. Hand in hand with the emergence of this new music scene came the rise to fame of the drug that powered it – Ecstasy.

My deepest darkest fear

Submitted by a senior IT support engineer

I first became interested in drugs when I was at 6th form college. Having come from a fairly liberal middle class background (and unlike many of my peers), my parents were familiar with drug experimentation themselves so were not violently opposed to my dabbling and did not attempt to prevent me from doing so with “dire tales of tragedy” and the commonplace attitude that “drugs are bad”.

So who are you?

Submitted by a lecturer at a college of further education

I was 37 the first time I took ecstasy. I was married, had two small children and was struggling to get started in another new career, having started a few and never settling on one. I was working away from home and my relationship with my wife was going through a very rough patch. My wife and her two close friends, who were a married couple with children, had a relationship in which they could talk about anything with each other. I felt isolated and insecure as I could not say, and had never been able to say, exactly what was on my mind.

Falling in love again

Submitted by the CEO of an NGO

I had experienced ecstasy in a party context and was amazed – and impressed – by the intensity of the experience and the heart opening that accompanied it. I had been told it was an excellent tool for developing relationships, so I took some ecstasy with me on a quiet family holiday with my wife and two small children. It was truly incredible. During the day the four of us connected, enjoying the space of the holiday.

Finding Each Other

Submitted by a provider of personal development courses

The first time I experienced using MDMA was one of the most extraordinary and magical times of my life, out in the Nevada desert with 30,000 people at the Burning Man festival. It was pretty much indescribable, and I shan’t even try here. Since then I have used it occasionally - it’s not something to be taken lightly in my opinion. Each time I have done so I’ve always found it to be an extremely enjoyable and deeply loving experience.

A divine party

Submitted by a performing artist

I remember a magical time: I was throwing a party in my loft in New York city about 15 years ago, everyone brought flowers, we had roughly 50 guests. The place was full of flowers, floor to ceiling, every surface was covered in flowers, it was beautiful. I placed rose petals on the floor from the front door of the building all the way up the steps of the 6 floor walk up for guests as they arrived welcoming their feet sweetly. I'll never forget the bliss in their eyes as they hiked up to the heavens to join me. Candle lit; warm reds and burnt oranges surrounded them; sexy.

Making a Real difference

Submitted by a professional musician

One of the more significant drug experiences I can remember well occurred a few years ago when relations with my wife were at a low ebb. We both travel a lot, and a few times have found ourselves in situations where the lack of time together has resulted in a severe lack of communication. As a result a number of small things accumulate, remain unresolved and we become angry with each other. It’s the type of anger that sits around because the small things that have triggered it have not been attended to.

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