The sacred use of teacher plants

Submitted by a successful spiritual teacher

I grew up in a very conservative East Indian household with old fashioned values where any form of illegal drug was so taboo. I took on that belief system and led most of my life absolutely clean ,not even drinking any form of alcohol. My first introduction to any form of psychedelic was in my early thirties where I was on a trip to Ireland and was initiated into the sacred use of such substances my a local wisdom keeper. As I had many years of personal development and meditative experiences behind me,and was very reluctant and not trusting of what I was getting into.

A year of drugs

Submitted by a web-site manager

Many years ago, in 1970, I spent a year trying every drug I could lay my hands on. I felt I needed to break out of my tight, claustrophobic existence. My future seemed to be laid out in front of me with alarming certainty. I had my university degree, my parents had chosen the “right” man for me and I had a good job with an old, established company. What more could I want? Much more, it seemed. I kept thinking things like: “Is this all there is?” “What does all this mean?” Yet none of my friends ever questioned anything so I definitely felt like the odd one out.

One Love

Submitted by a manager at an arts centre

This period in my life coincided with the emergence of the dance music scene. My then-boyfriend was a DJ and so at weekends we went to the underground nightclubs and illegal parties where we could hear the music we liked instead of the chart pap that was played elsewhere at the time. Hand in hand with the emergence of this new music scene came the rise to fame of the drug that powered it – Ecstasy.

The Bodhisattva Vow

Submitted by a meditation teacher

I teach a version of Zen meditation that is suited to people from the west; it is not part of any Zen lineage. However I have had my own experiences and the practice that I teach authenticated by a Zen master who is part of a lineage. For some time I knew that I had a relationship to a Buddhist vow known as the Bodhisattva vow. I do not know exactly how this arises within a strict Buddhist tradition, but for me it was a statement of service to others.

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