Falling in love again

Submitted by the CEO of an NGO

I had experienced ecstasy in a party context and was amazed – and impressed – by the intensity of the experience and the heart opening that accompanied it. I had been told it was an excellent tool for developing relationships, so I took some ecstasy with me on a quiet family holiday with my wife and two small children. It was truly incredible. During the day the four of us connected, enjoying the space of the holiday.

Finding Each Other

Submitted by a provider of personal development courses

The first time I experienced using MDMA was one of the most extraordinary and magical times of my life, out in the Nevada desert with 30,000 people at the Burning Man festival. It was pretty much indescribable, and I shan’t even try here. Since then I have used it occasionally - it’s not something to be taken lightly in my opinion. Each time I have done so I’ve always found it to be an extremely enjoyable and deeply loving experience.

Making a Real difference

Submitted by a professional musician

One of the more significant drug experiences I can remember well occurred a few years ago when relations with my wife were at a low ebb. We both travel a lot, and a few times have found ourselves in situations where the lack of time together has resulted in a severe lack of communication. As a result a number of small things accumulate, remain unresolved and we become angry with each other. It’s the type of anger that sits around because the small things that have triggered it have not been attended to.

Helping the Aged

Submitted by a retired professional married woman

My husband and I were invited to contribute to the “Drugs Positively” project, I suspect, because we were quite often seen at parties where recreational drugs were being used. We are both in our late sixties and the young people (actually not that young, probably average age of 40) at these parties would often comment on how inspiring they found our relationship and how we are with each other. We have been together for more than 30 years and have consistently “worked at” our relationship.

Ecstatic Clearing

Submitted by a spiritual therapist

I was a successful teacher of spiritual practices, one of which was a technique called ‘Guilt Clearing’ that helped people become clearer about their own standards of behaviour as well as helping to resolve issues associated with their bad behaviour in the past. I worked with my husband Joe with whom I ran regular meditation workshops. We had been together for 21 years and enjoyed a strong relationship. We had explored the use of drugs in resolving difficulties in our relationship – but had no experience of using Ecstasy at all.

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