Problem solving

A recovery story

Submitted by a teacher

The year 2005 was one of the worst of my life. Annus horribulis doesn’t even come close. It is hard to know where to begin because so many threads in my life just disintegrated.

A new software solution

Submitted by a software engineer

As a software engineer, I spend my working hours developing formal technical solutions to meet business needs. The processes involved in doing so vary, but as a general rule, all require concentration, focus and attention to detail. A lot of my time at work is actually spent sitting still with my eyes either staring ahead or closed, thinking hard about the systems I am trying to build.

Problem solving

Submitted by a sixth form college teacher

I have been smoking marijuana for over 20 years, starting as a teenager. Whilst I have taken other drugs on and off marijuana has been something of a constant. I now smoke once or twice a month on average and more often than not I do this on my own. Having experienced marijuana for half my life, I have an awareness of the effects and the amount that I can handle and so ensure that I smoke just enough to relax me. I am writing this specifically to express something of my current relationship with the drug and some of the benefits I believe I get from it.

What had I learned?

Submitted by the MD of a software company

I started the business twelve years earlier after writing a computer program that I thought would be useful to architects. For the first few years the company was not much more than a hobby, but slowly the number of users of the software increased and there was a steady flow of requests for new functions and associated training courses. As I started to employ people I decided that I wanted the business to be a person centred organisation and to make use of the ideas associated with ‘learning organisations’.

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