Personal Awareness

Wow! Ecstasy

Submitted by a married teacher

As a teenager I experimented with cannabis, amphetamines and LSD, but it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I took my first ecstasy pill. At the time it was still new on the scene and there was a buzz of excitement around this new drug. People were saying all sorts of amazing things about it and me and my friends just had to try one, and it wasn’t long before we all did.

LSD experiences

Submitted by a teacher

I am writing this in relation to the benefits gained from having several LSD experiences within a particular period of my life.

My deepest darkest fear

Submitted by a senior IT support engineer

I first became interested in drugs when I was at 6th form college. Having come from a fairly liberal middle class background (and unlike many of my peers), my parents were familiar with drug experimentation themselves so were not violently opposed to my dabbling and did not attempt to prevent me from doing so with “dire tales of tragedy” and the commonplace attitude that “drugs are bad”.

So who are you?

Submitted by a lecturer at a college of further education

I was 37 the first time I took ecstasy. I was married, had two small children and was struggling to get started in another new career, having started a few and never settling on one. I was working away from home and my relationship with my wife was going through a very rough patch. My wife and her two close friends, who were a married couple with children, had a relationship in which they could talk about anything with each other. I felt isolated and insecure as I could not say, and had never been able to say, exactly what was on my mind.

Giving up cigarettes - and finding myself

Submitted by a provider of personal development courses

There was a period of time in my late teens when I first began to experiment with drugs. I was deeply unhappy, lost, and from what I now understand friendship to be, friendless, a desperately introverted and hopeless virgin. Parents had just broken up, schoolwork down the pan thoroughly enough that in 2 years I went from being a high achiever at O-levels to doing pretty badly at A-levels.

Awakening from depression

Submitted by a professional psychologist

I am a mid-forties professional man, happily married and with a young child. Life generally has been going very well. In recent years, however, I have suffered a major setback to my health with a chronic and incurable disease. It has brought me frighteningly close to death several times. As a result, domestic life has been virtually taken over by my medical needs – a never-ending whirl of hospital appointments, seeing one consultant after another, having one operation after another. In the space of four years I have had almost twenty surgeries.

Stand up!

Submitted by a creative teacher

I want to describe three experiences with ayahuasca. The first was in the Amazonian forest with a healer shaman. This was on my second trip to the forest, after several ceremonies, and lots of purging and powerful experiences of cleansing and releasing. I was told to stand up (in the strong clear voice of inner guidance I have come to trust). This in itself was quite an achievement. The medicine was so strong that we had been horizontal until that point. All the guests had a mattress, a sick bowl and tissues, and most of us had to be accompanied or carried when we had to go to the toilet.

When the magic came

Submitted by a teacher

The first time I took ecstasy, was a life changer. We were at home with a group of friends who had become experts at the right dosage and caring for each other during a trip. At some point I had ketamin too, and that was when it got really strong. I was dancing, taking great sighing breaths, feeling as if I was just about able to ride and “keep up” with the waves of energy flowing through me. Then it overwhelmed me, and I fell back into the sofa, and suddenly was being sick.

Learning Humility

Submitted by a shamanic meditation teacher

When I was asked to contribute to this research into the positive use of mind-altering medicines or drugs, I was surprised to discover how passionately I felt about the subject. Since the very first time I smoked cannabis, I have considered these plants and medicines to be a great gift for helping us humans to remember who we are and what we are connected to.

Recovering My Childhood

Submitted by a professional researcher

The positive drug experiences I want to describe happened to me about 30 years ago when I was in my mid-thirties. They completely transformed my life, which is why I have chosen to use them as examples for this project.

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