Enhanced creativity

A divine party

Submitted by a performing artist

I remember a magical time: I was throwing a party in my loft in New York city about 15 years ago, everyone brought flowers, we had roughly 50 guests. The place was full of flowers, floor to ceiling, every surface was covered in flowers, it was beautiful. I placed rose petals on the floor from the front door of the building all the way up the steps of the 6 floor walk up for guests as they arrived welcoming their feet sweetly. I'll never forget the bliss in their eyes as they hiked up to the heavens to join me. Candle lit; warm reds and burnt oranges surrounded them; sexy.

Finding my authenticity

Submitted by a professional musician

The story I wish to recount is of an experience drinking Ayahuasca during three sessions in Colombia. I was drinking in a ritual context with shamans who had worked with ‘Mama’ Ayahuasca their whole lives, in a ‘Malloca’ (traditional wooden hut for ceremonies) where great care was taken in how the ceremony was set-up and conducted – very slow, very respectful. Sometimes I felt a little like I as a tourist, but the welcome was warm, and they really wanted to show us how they worked with their spirits and their ancient earth medicines.

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