Influencing Drug Policy

This website aims to shift the way in which people think and talk about drugs and drug policy by documenting positive drug experiences that have enhanced people's lives. This is a deliberate contrast to the well known negative impacts that drug use has on many users' lives The need for collecting and presenting this material arose as a result of a systems analysis of drug policy set out in Being Real On Drugs. The report concluded that It is only by changing our view of drugs and drug users that we can begin to develop policies that produce fewer negative outcomes. read more

About the Author


Jake Chapman is a well known advocate of using systems thinking as a way of making progress on 'wicked' social issues. He believes that designing effective policies requires the complexity inherent in such issues to be addressed. Neglecting the complexity leads to policies that generate many unintended outcomes.

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How you can contribute

If you have had one or more positive experiences using 'recreational' drugs then you can contribute to this site, confidentially if you wish. The two key facets required of each account are the context in which the drug was taken and the positive effect that the experience had on your life. The drugs used in the accounts reported on the site are shown below; this does not preclude accounts based on other drugs.

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